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Lucky 3D Buddha in Swift

Today my first Apple app is available in AppStore. Difficult to find within the first 24 hours.

Colors and Material can be changed and the Buddha can be moved around to the perspective you like.
The Software was written in Swift (5 at this time) – 2 years ago I wrote the first (simple) version in RubyMotion but this time I wanted just improv my Swift skills and bring it to the app store for a simple skill reference. I additionally added changed movement from automatic to my own movement control using gestures and added material and color control and a user preset.

The app is available for free at the moment and there is no means implemented to earn money.

By kubi

Pragmatic Software Developer since more than 35 years with clean coding attitude.
Co-Owner of the mobile games startup Alphatier Studios and scripted Idle Mafia Boss available in App Stores.
Freelancer searching for coding monkey jobs.

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