doITso.de – doITso.com

Imagine you could just say DO IT SO!

With my help this is no longer a dream: I can help you realize your software development projects sucessfully 

I – Wolfgang Kubisiak –

  • will work out your needs and generate an understandable project plan so you can say with profound conviction: doITso!
  • have more than 35 years of experience in software development
  • have more than 25 years of experience in software development consultancy
  • keep me well informed about newest software development technologies
  • can handle the whole software development life cycle
  • have experience in many different branches (i.e. industry, telecom, finance)
  • have a lot of experience in different roles in large and in long time and international software projects
  • am working on the highest productivity frontier
  • will deliver well understandable and maintainable results without leaving open questions
  • will deliver exacly what you need – not more and not less – using modern technologies like Behavior Driven Design (BDD)
  • am the firefighter when you get stuck or could not fix the problems in your existing system

Wolfgang Kubisiak Consulting
Am Lohwald 3
60488 Frankfurt am Main
Mobile: +49 171 2655077
E-Mail to Wolfgang@Kubisiak.de